Senior Advisor (Non-Legal)

Robert Lee is a Senior Advisor (Non-Legal) to KGP Legal LLC. He assists KGP Legal LLC in a non-legal role by providing strategic guidance and corporate growth advice to the firm.

He is the Senior Partner and founder of Robert Lee Law Offices in Hong Kong. He has been offering legal and business services to clients in Japan, China and Hong Kong for over thirty years.

He began practicing as a lawyer in Toronto, Canada in 1979. In 1981 he joined the international law firm Baker & Mckenzie and came to Hong Kong with that firm in 1984. After becoming a partner in 1986, he resigned to establish Robert Lee & Co. in 1988, which is the originating company of what has now become the InterAsia Law Group. He has concentrated on the general practice of corporate and commercial law in Hong Kong, Japan and China, with significant transactional experience in London, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada and the United States. His clientele comprises individuals and corporations from diverse nationalities.

Originally trained as a Canadian lawyer, he is also qualified in England (1983), California (1984), Hong Kong (1984), and Australia (1986). He was based in Hong Kong from 1984-95, in Tokyo from 1986-2001, and Shanghai from 2001-04. Robert currently spends half his time in Singapore and the other half of his time in Hong Kong and Tokyo.