Senior Legal Executive

Moreen Tai is a Senior Legal Executive at KGP Legal LLC. She is a legal and corporate compliance professional with experience in entity formation and compliance matters including securities law compliance, company law compliance, anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism and personal data protection matters.

She assists the firm with entity formations such as company incorporation, setting up of partnerships, branches, representative offices and not-for-profit entities and charities. She is a seasoned company secretary and is well-versed in the drafting and modification of company constitutions, procedures to issue different classes of shares, employee share option scheme arrangements and the drafting of all forms of director resolutions and shareholder resolutions. She is familiar with the proceedings of board and shareholder meetings including convening of AGMs/EGMs and documenting meeting minutes.

Having served as a compliance officer for an international licensed financial institution, she is well-versed in the subject of AML/CFT regulation, with hands-on experience in resolving regulatory audits by the MAS in Singapore and the SFC in Hong Kong and designing customized corporate compliance solutions and manuals.